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Welcome to the Oval Office!

The doors are wide open and smiling personel asks you to enter the new building. First you see a big foyer, a helpdesk and some doors. A young woman advances and starts to explain: "The Oval Office is at your service. This new institutions aims at making your hard life in the desert as pleasant as possible. Over there is the bank information terminal providing stats on your town's items. Right next to that is a blackboard showing your fellow citizens' status."

"Behind that next door you'll find the construction yard bureau where you can apply for building permits. The large door opens to the statistics office where all zombie attacks are registered as well as soul points, distinctions, titles and towns."

"If you are too overwhelmed, really exhausted or just in need of communication, you may enter the lounge. There you can chat with other visitors or leave feedback for us so we can enhance our services. Please feel free to nip on some cocktails which are randomly served by our automatic cocktail robot."

You take a deep breath after this compressed speech and look around again. Right next to the help desk you discover a sign advertising some free tools to enhance your game experience.

Identification in progress...

Addons for a better game experience

NEW Time is precious

You are leading expeditions every day? Always have someone in your escort? Exploring ruins every other day?
Then this is for you: D2N open rucksack. This Stylish addon keeps all rucksacks open at any time. No need to open your rucksack to use that serrated knife or eat something. Check it out today!

Google Chrome extension

There's an awesome new Chrome extension programmed by simast. I encourage you to try it. The extension itself keeps your current zone synchronized with Atlas AND the Oval Office. No need to update two maps separatedly, actually no need to do anything as this extension does ALL the work.

Mozilla Firefox plugin

isaaclw provides a Firefox plugin which makes it easy for you to update the Oval Office as well as Atlas. You can update the maps by right-clicking the D2N page or use the provided toolbar button.

Greasemonkey Toolbox Script

You may download a greasemonkey script to enhance your D2N experience while scavenging in the desert. The script displays various stats directly in D2N (normally not available while out of town) which looks similar to this:

The left column shows gate status, town defense and attack estimation. Middle column has total numbers of citizens alive, citizens outside and citizens standing at the gate. Finally, right column informs about water in well and bank as well as number of defensive items.

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"Oval Office" is a fan project for the survival browser game Die2Nite.
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